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[It's a late at night, but not the Dark Hour just yet. The phone is propped up and recording. A woman walks down the street by herself when suddenly someone runs up from behind and snatches her purse.]

No wait! Stop, thief!

[Before the figure could get away, there's a sudden burst of smoke in front of them. There's a voice that would sound rather familiar to the network.]

I am the terror that bends in the night. I am the ice cube that got shoved down your shirt. I am WOLFBATWOMAN!
[And yes, that is Korra, dressed in her native Southern Water tribe clothes but with a wolf-headed mask and mini cape in a heroic pose. The thief sputters and laughs.]

Hah! Whatya gonna do? Howl and make me piss myself? Yeah, ri--OOF!
[Korra wastes no time knocking the air out of him with a punch. She gives him a chop to the shoulder, which knocks him down. The so-called caped crusader gets the woman's purse and walks over to her.]
Oh thank you Wolfbatwoman!
Just doing my job. I gotta go though. Someone needs to save Prospero.
[Another smoke bomb cues her exit and she's gone...along with the feed as a hand snatches the phone at the last second.]
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So what the heck is this "Halloween" thing everyone is talking about? 

...oh um yeah, I've been back for a while. I went back home for a bit.
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 [Well her visit to the Velvet Room earlier proved to be a bust. Great, now she was stuck with finding a way to change her Persona so a certain troll wouldn't be out to get her again. She was attempting to contact her past life Aang about this. Sadly, it's another dead end.]

Ugh...Nothing. Seriously, I'm starting to think air bending is easier than this.

[Of course while she's pondering, she doesn't take notice of the transition to the Dark Hour.]

Lovely night,  isn't it, Avatar Korra?

[Korra whips around to see who it is and the color drains from her face. It's a masked man.]

AMON! What are you doing here!?

What else? Putting a stop to you and the rest of the benders. Or maybe I should say you persona users here.

[Korra gets herself into a fighting stance and circles Amon.]

Why don't you try then? I'm not afraid of you.

Are you?

[She snarls and tries to land a few punches and even sends out Undine for some water magic but none of them even connect. Amon dodges and suddenly is behind Korra, forcing her on her knees. One hand holds onto her shoulder while he places his other thumb on her forehead. Eventually he does let go.]

Hah! That did nothing. There's no bending here so that did nothing! Undine, let's finish this!

[There's a dead silence.]


[No, no, it can't be. Did he just...? Korra didn't have time to think as Amon attacks and she's thrown against a wall. Seeing she was unconscious, he walks away.]

Why end it now when I can make you suffer?

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[Korra's gotten bored of the daily school life and she finally heard about the Dark Hour. Naturally, she's confident enough to try going solo. And no, she hasn't awakened her Persona yet.]

Alright, what's so scary about this Dark Hour? I won't need a 'purse owner' or what ever it's called to handle these things. They can't be worse than Amon now.

[And she just pushed her luck because a Visceral Maya attacks. She managed to dodge the attacks but her own counters aren't even scratching it. She stepped back and readied herself into another fight stance when there was a blue shining aura above them. Korra looked up and heard a woman’s voice. A mass of water appeared and shaped into a  naked woman. She continued to float above Korra. ]

I am thou...Thou art I. I am the water spirit Undine. I shall grant you my power when you need it most.

[As if to prove her point, she aims a strong jet of water at the Shadow. Well, that was new. Korra blinked but cracked a confident grin.]

Okay I'm not sure what just happened but this works. Let's go, Undine!
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[Korra managed to sneak out of school and is just lounging up on the school's roof, sitting  and looking up at the sky. She sighs and leans back, letting the phone record.]

Argh, I'm so bored! I don't even know why I need to be school. They keep saying stuff like "you need to study for college" and I don't even know what that is! I'm not even from around here so why do I gotta be dragged into this?!

So now I gotta ask, what do you guys do here to pass time? There's no pro-bending here and no Tenzin here to even bug me to practice my air bending.

[She lets out another frustrated sigh and then cuts the feed.]


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