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[ Ah, what a beautiful day in Prospero. The sun is shinning brightly, giving enough warmth to make it the perfect day to do all sorts of outdoor activities. Children might be playing around with their bikes or toys and what not, adults might be gardening or working on cars or other silly things. It's just a perfect day.

Of course, there's always that one asshole that has to ruin it for everybody. Can you guess who that is today? Anyone out and about might have a close encounter with a rather loud streak of what appears to be golden lightning passing by! Yes, indeed. Gilgamesh has gotten back his prized Gilgil Machine and nobody is safe from his reckless driving. He's dodging in and out of traffic, riding on sidewalks, up and down stairs and rails. Is there any place he WON'T drive? Hell, he might even go so far as jumping off improvised ramps. This will surely end well for everyone. Did he almost hit? ACTUALLY hit you? Wreck something of yours? Feel free to yell at him, chase him down, or anything else! And hey, if you wanna challenge him to a race, even better! ]

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[ if you're out and about and not staying safely indoors for who knows what reason, you will probably see the.... perhaps not-so-unusual sight of someone in the Shopping District being surrounded by a group of giggling girls.

And by girls, I mean ranging in age from middle school to housewives. It's not like this poor tormented woman-attracting soul can get very far with all the chattering and squealing and flirting going on, but damn are they (politely) trying. ]

No, really-- I just-- I'm just trying to find my way back! Why does this always happen?!

[ A FEW HOURS LATER, there's a video post. Aforementioned poor tormented woman-attracting soul is looking more than a little disheveled, with her baseball cap lopsided and her clothes rumpled, but after a moment of trying fruitlessly to adjust herself, she gives up and grins sheepishly. ]

P-people here are really friendly, aren't they? My name is Makoto Kikuchi, and I have no idea where I am!! It's nice to meet you!

[ she probably shouldn't say that so cheerfully. ]

By any chance, has anyone here heard of 765 Pro?
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- Video-

[ The video opens up to a somewhat young adult looking girl staring at her hands with a slightly annoyed expression on her face. ]

At least leave me my rings, not like I have anything else on me to use for currency here. Plus it's not like places around here take yen from the looks of it. [There's a small sigh]

Everything else is missing to. What gives? Can't you leave a girl with something useful at least.

- Dark hour -

[ Luka's persona Fenrir showed it self in no time flat and was already taking out nearby shadows. ]

I should have gotten one of these things awhile ago, even if it's not as fun as using a sword.

[ After defeating a few shadows she noticed one of them dropped something very familiar. Her Mobirates and a yellow key were on the ground, they looked like no one had even touched them. ]
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[ The feed blips on. It's Souji with a stern expression on his face. He's in the hotel, as the garish wallpaper indicated in the background, and more specifically in the hotel restaurant, as indicated by the tacky table cloth and center piece. ]


I just wanted to say that I really, really love someone. And I'd really like for this person to come join me for dinner tonight. I want to express my feelings properly.




[ Suddenly, Souji's eyes roll back and he slides off the chair. The phone gets knocked off the table, falls to the ground and the feed cuts out. ]
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► [ ☽ - video; nigh midnight ]

[ Good evening, Prospero. It's very late at night--though not midnight--and the feed blips on. Have Souji, sitting behind a table with white tablecloth draped over it. There are various dining utensils and dinnerware on the table, and judging from the garish, gaudy and just plain old-looking wallpaper it's easy to tell that Souji is in the hotel's restaurant on ground floor. Behind Souji are the large bay windows that look out onto the street. It's sparse at this time of night. ]


[ A small, curt nod. ]

We're... testing something.

[ Why, how unscrupulous. Souji checks his watch, then looks over his shoulder outside. It's dark out, but not eerie dark. Not yet, at least. He turns back to face the camera briefly, then his eyes flicker to someone, probably behind the phone. ]

You're sure that they don't come into the Hotel, right? [ small pause, then another nod ] Okay. Good.

[ And suddenly, there is the chiming of an old clock in the background. It's midnight. The setting phases to its eerie discoloration. Souji stands up. From the window it's easy to see the Dark Hour has taken its toll. There are a few coffins on the sidewalk here and there, and the few cars on the road itself are frozen in time. ]

Ah. There's one now.

[ Souji looks off-screen, watching for several moments before raising his arm and waving. ]


The Hotel really is a safe zone. They aren't attacking--[ suddenly, there is a very loud crash, accompanied by horrific wailing and groaning. Shadow groaning. Souji goes wide-eyed and dives to the floor as suddenly the table flips, presumably something hitting it, with the feed wildly spinning before it cuts out. ]

► [ ☀ - action; downtown prospero; dark hour ]

[ Not the best experiment ever conducted. For one, the investigator has become the lab rat. Souji is jogging down the streets of Prospero during the Dark Hour. With a trail of maya shadows in hot pursuit! You'd think with a pack of angry, human-killing monsters tailing you he'd be a little more shocked, but judging from his expression it's as if he's out for a midnight run. ]

[ OOC: Phone and action for this one. Feel free to take the video or action from the hotel lobby as Souji is leaving the restaurant! ]
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[ The screen fades in slowly and the first thing that comes to clarity is a gray-haired teenager. Behind him is the recognizable almost gaudy style of the hotel. The teenager stares for several moments before speaking: ]

Ah. There it is.

[ And that's that. Now he's staring again, with his light gray eyes, almost waiting as if you will answer him immediately--at least for a few more moments. ]

The travel brochure says we're in Prospero Island in America. How did we get here? This doesn't seem like a school trip.

[ He is almost emotionless--stoic--his words lacking any trace of what he's feeling or thinking. ]

I don't remember boarding a plane.

[ Something stirs behind him, in the bed. Rather, someone. The teenager hears it and turns around, watching as a black-haired girl slowly sits up from the bed. She looks at the boy, looking rather surprised. ]

Huh? Wha-? ... Where am I? Who are yo--oh, I remember you. What are you doing here?

Ah. [ Souji looks back to the phone then to the girl. ]

We're on Prospero Island. I woke up earlier and was in this room with you.

[ The girl however is staring at the phone--at the feed, realizing something unscrupulous may have just occurred. While she was asleep. She cuts him a sharp glance. ]

What do you mean by that? You just happened to wake up here with me?

[ The boy, unabashed: ] Yeah. [ A very minor pause before continuing: ] If you want to use the shower, the bathroom is behind this table...

I think someone must have kidnapped us.

[ The feed cuts off. ]

[ OOC: Dual intro! Both Souji Seta and/or Yukiko Amagi will respond accordingly. ]


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