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[ Ring. Ring. ]

Yo. I'm going trick or treating tomorrow. You in?

[ A simple audio post, but do you expect anything else from her? ]

OOC: I already forward dated a log for those interested. You're free to make up your own sub-threads if you didn't feel up to writing your own log for trick-or-treating ♥
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[ For those who may venture outdoors today, the billboard near the hotel has been covered in graffiti, red and blue paint splattered and sprayed poorly. There's no real art behind it, no, that's too typical. Instead it's just the poor writing of someone who struggled with their height to write it.


And various other messages of that sort. Totally anonymous. Red and blue just look awesome together, alright?

Meanwhile, a Totally Innocent teenage girl sits in the back of her classroom with her cell phone out in her hand, sending off various text messages. ]
rite so thiz place sux so much. wut iz ther 2 do besidez fite @ nite?
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[ This video feed clicks on during the night, the sounds of the bustling city heard as ambiance in the background. She's up high seemingly, possibly on a roof judging from the angle of the buildings behind her. One hand is clearly holding the phone, shaky camera syndrome being played up to the max and the other is holding onto a half-bitten into candy bar.

Why yes, she's in the middle of eating, cheeks all puffed up with probably a previous candy bar. She's even going to go beyond that by speaking with her mouth ful. ]

Fe fone if fiffy. [ What? A loud gulp as she swallows most of it. ] Hey, so I don't know how these stupid things work, but I never got Sayaka's phone number in the first place, so calling her is kinda pointless. This seems to be something kinda global though, so listen up. I'm looking for you, Sayaka, and I'm not gonna stop until I find you. We're suppose to do this together, so don't go off leaving me now.

[ Frenetically biting into the candy bar again. At least this is a manageable bite as she's still capable of being understood. ]

So what's up? My name is Kyouko and I guess I'm this town's latest hero. I'm sort of a big deal back home, so don't all introduce yourselves to me at once.


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