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[ Gender-flipped King Arthur and technology don't really mesh too well together, seeing as it's been kicked on by accident again. This time she has her legs curled up on the couch, a tiny lion cub nestled around her battle gown and limbs. A hand idly scratches behind it's ears and the other side of her body? Resting alongside the man sitting next to her. It takes him a moment, but it seems as though he's struggling to figure out how to work a remote control.

Suddenly there's very loud noise. The phone's angled enough to get a good look at the television - are those credits vaguely familiar? ]

I was told this was the most accurate portrayal by the man who sold it to me, Lancer. [ Calmly spoken. ]

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tl;dr enkidu knocks the phone over. oh he's happy too )


[ The video blips on and it's on its side. The setting is familiar; a hotel room like which one wakes up from when arriving. There is laughing and happy cheers as a young man with long, dark brown hair and mocha skin bounds around the room. He is smiling and certainly happy. ]

I am hearty, healthy and hale again! The illness is gone!

[ He continues laughing as suddenly a foot comes down and steps on the camera. The man immediately takes his foot off and the celebrations end. Several moments pass before he picks it up, holding it upside down with fingers over the lens. The camera shakes unsteadily as the man's hands readjust around the phone, causing the camera to panning  around the room and over his body several times. He is naked. It steadies again with the shot mostly finger-less as the device is held close to the man's face. His eyes are a clear gray-blue and they glare at the lens. ]

What is this?


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