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[ So if you haven't noticed Okabe's been gone for the past week, off the island in another part of the county. ]

Fwuahaha The rest of this country can't handle a mad scientist like my self!

[ Not that they can't handle it, they just think it's some crazy on the street. Which resulted in being arrested twice. ]

It feels like I've been away longer but the great mad scientist Hououin Kyouma has returned. The organization was even in L.A, running for my life I barely got away.

[ Once again, being over dramatic, what else is new.. ]
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[ Okabe's dressed up for once, wearing a dress shirt, tie and even a jacket. Clearly he must have put some thought in to his outfit instead of just rolling out of bed. But being nicely dressed isn't the problem right now he's panicking a little over something. ]

Ties are extremely annoying, I don't know how Christina wears one with out any problems.

Assistant and anyone else who's watching this don't take it the wrong way, as a mad scientist I should know how to dress nicely. Yes that's the reason why I'm dressed like this! Fwuahaha.

[filtered to Kurisu]
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[Okabe finally decided to use the video part of his phone, or at least it seemed like it would help get his message out a bit better than just using text. He was taking Kurisu's advice on not sounding like a crazy person or at least trying to.]

The holiday coming up that's nothing more than a waste of money is coming up. I don't trust anything that comes out around this time, it has to be some sort of trick by the organization that makes people fall in to their evil trap.

[Clearly Okabe is failing at the whole “don't sound like a crazy person” advice]

Fwuahaha, they won't fool me. If someone really wanted to take part in this mushy love filled holiday they would just make something them self and give it to said person! [There's a short pause]

Funds are quite low now seeing as I've yet to find a so called job. Mad scientists don't need a job, being a scientist is one in and of it self. My assistant is going to be angry if I don't get her a gift though...
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I'm still trying to get used to this phone's web browser compared to my normal one, but.

@channel is nowhere to be found, what the heck is this 4chan nonsense that's there instead? Clearly this is the work of the organization trying to stop me and everyone else from posting online!

El Psy Congroo
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Do you think kidnapping me and bringing me to America will stop me?

Fwuahaha, this is nothing for the great mad scientist Hououin Kyouma! The organization can do what ever they want to me, I will never reveal any of my secrets!

El Psy Congroo

ps: Assistant if you're here meet up with me as soon as you can


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