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Apple Core 5: My little pony...


[The video feed shows a face that is obviously Applejack, though for some reason younger. And many more freckles. She looks a little confused, but mostly angry, and in ill-fitting clothes. If there was any doubts this was Applejack, when she speaks with the familiar accent, that should at least confirm who it is.] you hue-mins shrink sometimes? Ah woke up this morning way shorter than Ah've been here since showing up. And the clothes don't fit right either. This normal?

[Action, outside the hotel, seconds before the Dark Hour]

[With finally getting use to staying up during it, AJ has been doing her best to help clear shadows out during every Dark Hour she can. Just because she's smaller at the moment as a human doesn't mean when she changes back to her usual pony self she'll be any different. Right?

Well, she's about to find out, standing out on the sidewalk in those big clothes again. She didn't want to risk any of the small clothes that fit getting ripped when she changed into a full-grown pony.

She really shouldn't have worried though. At the start of the Dark Hour, instead of turning into a full grown pony in clothes she's wearing, she turns into a little filly pony that is swimming in the humongous clothes she's draped in.]

What the hay?! OH COME ON!!
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Duuude. You're little too, pony-sis.

*Jupiter looks the same as always.*
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Totally. *She lifts up the hat.* Like, everyone's kids this month. I'm not 'cause I was always like this.
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Yeah, it's happening to everyone. The cosmos is out of whack again.
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*Jupiter shakes her head and looks out.* It's happening to a load of people. All we gotta do's wait for the full moon.
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Your Persona's like the same thing as your apples on your rear?
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Deep. You might be right.
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[Living on the first floor of the hotel meant you could hear stuff at any time of the day. Little 8-year old Saori rubs her eyes as she wanders into the lobby and just happens to open the door to see...a pile of clothes moving?]

Wh-what's going on?
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[Saori takes a step back at first but hesitantly goes over to pull off some of the clothes. Judging by her surprised reaction, she doesn't remember who Applejack is.]

A-A pony! A talking pony!
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Applejack? You know me....but I don't...Ugh, this whole thing is too crazy.

[She shakes her head in frustration.]
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I was back home...Daddy hasn't come home yet and...

[She sniffles as she tries to stop herself from crying.]
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[Ein usually leaves the hotel after the Dark Hour begins, so he catches Fillyjack on his way out.]

You too? This is really going around...
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Yeah... There might be another outbreak soon, and everyone's suddenly getting younger? It doesn't look good...
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No, I don't know. I think the easiest way to find out might be to have you try it, but that doesn't sound like a very good idea...