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Saori Nakagawa ([personal profile] needsteaplz) wrote in [community profile] tvk2013-01-27 06:49 pm
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44: Monsters outside my room?! [video]

 [It's the middle of the Dark Hour and little 8 year-old Saori is hiding underneath her bedsheets, using the phone's backlight as her only light source.]

I can't sleep. Is there anyone up right now? Hold on, I heard something outside.

[She pulls off the sheets and goes to the window. There's the loud squishing noise outside that should be familiar to everyone. A Shadow pops up from below and Saori screams. She even rolls off the bed and runs out into the lobby with a smaller blanket in tow.]

W-wh-what was that?!

[There's a heavy bang at the front door and the Shadow from before has an arm reaching out at the poor girl. Saori goes to hide behind the couch.]


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