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44: Monsters outside my room?! [video]

 [It's the middle of the Dark Hour and little 8 year-old Saori is hiding underneath her bedsheets, using the phone's backlight as her only light source.]

I can't sleep. Is there anyone up right now? Hold on, I heard something outside.

[She pulls off the sheets and goes to the window. There's the loud squishing noise outside that should be familiar to everyone. A Shadow pops up from below and Saori screams. She even rolls off the bed and runs out into the lobby with a smaller blanket in tow.]

W-wh-what was that?!

[There's a heavy bang at the front door and the Shadow from before has an arm reaching out at the poor girl. Saori goes to hide behind the couch.]

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*A gust of wind batters the Shadow, and Kaoru frowns, walking in with her Persona in tow. She's always saving small children these days, isn't she... is there a certain amount before you have to give up your evil licence?*

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*Kaoru jumps at it and kicks it, easier than it looks even in her long skirt.* Get out of the way.
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Stay inside. Tengu, Kill Rush.

*Her Persona starts striking at the Shadow, intending to herd it out the front door.*
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[Zelgius, who happened to be on his way out to help cull the Shadow menace, unleashes Lugh on the Shadow. Lugh strikes it with a mighty Cleave while Zelgius advances on the creature.]

You there! Run to safety! I will handle this creature!
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[Zelgius lunges at the Shadow, giving it a good slash with his sword.]

Be careful! Let me know if any shadows appear where you're running!
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[Zelgius turned around just in time to see Brigid incinerate the shadow.]

You have that power too? Use it! It will protect you if any get past me!
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[A lasso of rope wraps around the arm reaching for Saori and stops it momentum forward. At the other end of the rope is an little orange filly with her hooves dug into the lobby carpet trying to pull the shadow towards her instead of the couch.]

Saori! Run for the stairs! Ah'll keep this thing busy!!
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[Once Saori is clear, Applejack lets go of the rope, letting the Shadow have it's forward momentum back. Suddenly and without warning. So of course that causes it to crash headlong into the couch.

AJ then ducks behind the table in the lobby. She's looking around for anything she can use against the Shadow, slightly hoping that if it no longer sees them, it'll stop trying to attack them...]

Ah maybe should've thought this out more...