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*Jupiter turns on the video to show her animals wandering around the room. As usual, Io is leading the four young cats around, but right now they in turn are being followed by a bunny. A bunny that, like Io, has a space helmet on.*

Like, check it out! This is my bunny, Europa. The phone was just, like, "want something?", and I was, like, sure, dude. It's starting to feel more like home already. 'Course, my pad had a lot more space...

So what'd you guys get from home? Lay it on me.
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Io....what a cute name. Isn't that right, Sirius and Yuri?

[Both of her pets bark and meow at the sound of their name.]

Oh my gosh ! I got so caught up with things I forgot to give you your gift!
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Well you know that building right next to my cafe that has been vacant for sometime?

[She holds up a key and cracks a smile.]

It's yours. I thought it'd be a good place to keep all the animals you look after.
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I got my sword back!

[he said, brandishing it in front of the camera]
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Well, I am now!

And also for that one week when a lot of people got powers.
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I know someone who's like that, but you don't act very much alike...

[Fia - (technical) pacifist, vegetarian, yet still surprisingly awesome and capable of fighting. Also she had green hair for some reason. What is even up with that.]
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That's a... weird way to put it...
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[Just. So confused.]
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...uh... yeah.

[It's certainly blown his... it's barely functioning right now.

He'll cut the feed now, thanks.]