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Rider || Francis Drake ([personal profile] hellburner) wrote in [community profile] tvk2013-01-20 09:11 pm

⚓ 016; [video]

This is not funny.

[Spoken by the English-accented voice of a young woman, dressed in only the finest clothing. Her youthful face held no sign of the prominent scar she would carry later in life--in fact she seemed no older than a teenager.]

None of my clothes fit. And I mean my clothes, not this bloody embroidered tent.

Does anyone have a proper shirt and pants I can borrow?
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[personal profile] breatheinthefog 2013-01-21 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
*Kaoru linefaces. She looks exactly the same as she did before.*

Again with clothing choice being important. What's wrong with the dress?
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[Francis meet eight-year old Saori.]

No kidding. I can't get anyone to take me seriously with how I am now.

I might have some of my old clothes but it will take a little hemming to fit properly. I can help with that though.