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April and I are planning to schedule our wedding shortly after March. Before we settle on a date, however, we have to finish asking our members of the wedding party about their schedules.

Saori, Beatrice, Mila, Ein, Aengus, Neah, and Setsuna, could you all respond to this message? If we haven't asked you to be an attendant, I'm about to.
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 Good evening, Prospero.
[Now here's a familiar, snarky expression to match a voice that seems to have been silent for some time. She'll have propped up her little video device so as to be able to enjoy a cup of tea as she speaks.]
Here's the thing. This place has gotten too drab of late. I've taken it upon myself to fix this...and I've enlisted some help. 
[She'll tilt the camera to include a view of her teatime company; a cheerful looking Saori who wasn't quite expecting the attention to fall on her so suddenly, but will wave just the same.]
Ah, hello everyone.
[In the meantime, Saori is fussing over the new kitten she picked up.]
So, we've decided that what this miserable little island needs is another party. One to celebrate the coming of a new year and new possibilities. 
Saori has graciously agreed to help me turn Gilgamesh's condo into party central annnn~d she's promised to make some delicious food for the occasion. 

I’m just glad we had the same idea, especially now that last event thing happened.
[Beatrice will pause for a sip of her tea before continuing.]
Some things I want to point out: make sure you dress in your finest attire; you all need to make yourselves worthy of a witch's party. Also, anyone who gets this message can consider themselves invited so I don't want to hear any excuses.
I'll be sending out a text with the time and directions and we'll see you there.
[OOC: Beatrice and/or Saori will answer all posts. The log for the party will be set up on the 5th to allow people to plan.]

[Edited for some dialogue and pretty color coding!]


Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:35 am
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Do you have a New Year's resolution?

I thought about trying to get stronger, but I thought I would get hurt that way if I pushed myself too hard, so I think I might try to get a boyfriend this year and see what it's like.
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[Pellegeri was seated at the counter of a somewhat quiet bar. It was getting closer to dark hour, but she didn't seem like she was leaving any time soon. Her phone was propped up on the counter, recording, and she was idly stirring a martini with one hand.]

I am not familiar with the ways of Lost Jerusalem, and am considering what kind of job would suit me. What would you suggest for someone with... military experience?

[AND anyone actually showing up at the bar would find her sitting alone, sipping her drink slowly. She's not drunk, as that wasn't her intent. She just needed a distraction from herself. And watching the few other patrons, or examining her own drink thoughtfully were only marginally better options than sitting alone and waiting for dark hour. But at least she was out.]
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[It's dark hour and Shion's video shows her standing outside at night. She looks... A little beat up already. She's out of breath, and has a little blood smeared across her face, but behind her Makami floats, winding gracefully in the air. It pulls back, then lunges forward, apparently attacking a shadow.]

I just ne--

[Shion is cut off when whatever she's fighting slams into her. The video only catches a second or two of the impact before the phone is whirling through the air. It lands with a loud cracking noise, and clatters across the street. Then it shows only the sky.

Anyone coming across Shion in person, a couple blocks away from the hotel, will find that she tried to take on a group of shadows unarmed and alone because she's really smart. She managed to summon her persona, but as it's still weak, she's kind of losing... a lot.]


Dec. 29th, 2012 01:26 pm
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[It's daytime. Eater is sitting at a desk with a deck of Tarot cards in front of her.]

Excuse me, but would anyone like a Tarot reading?

[Like last time, these are real readings unless specifically requested otherwise.]
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[Paranoia may be getting other people to stick close to home, but for Gaignun it seems to be driving him out in the open. So the video opens up to the view from the roof of the hotel. It's his voice that people hear however.]

Christmas. Just after the longest day of the year, it signals the slow return of the light of day. I think that's what we need right now.

So Merry Christmas, and look forward to the return of the light.

[He lowers the phone so that he can turn it off, but it catches the image of a bottle of red wine, white wine, and a dark bottle of beer before the video clicks off.]
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[Okay, so this sudden bout of paranoia was not a good thing. Especially since it was getting worse and she was starting to become uneasy around people she considered her friends, which sucked. But there was at least a few people she still felt comfortable and at ease around, which she was grateful for. And even with this paranoia, she still had gifts to give out.

So April will be going around to people's rooms and delivering these gifts to them;

Here are gifts! )
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[Applejack is still a little unsure about this town, but being in it for the last few months have allowed her to at least find a few places she's use to. She still takes time to walk around to learn more of the layout. Running around during the Dark Hour isn't the best time to map out the streets, after all...

Surprisingly, today she's clothes shopping. She may not be much of a clothes horse, but she knows for sure that wearing the same outfit from the closet again and again probably isn't the best thing to do. So you might see her picking up shirts and jeans at various stores, mostly in oranges and reds that remind her of her coat of when she's a pony.

You may also notice that she seems a little nervous or agitated for some reason. While shopping she'll constantly be looking around, suddenly glancing over her shoulder, as if she expected someone to be there. Celestia help you if you catch her eyes when she does this though, as she'll walk right up to you with an angry look and speak to you with an edge in her voice.]

Ah've been feeling eyes on me all day, have you been following me?!

[Phone, later this evening]

[The phone flicks on with a worried Applejack on the screen.]

So, um, Ah think people have been staring at me a lot, and normally Ah wouldn't really care about it, but Ah can't help wondering why.

...Ah remember some folks mentioning Ah look like someone from a TV show. Is that it? What exactly is this show like, anyways?
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 [The phone is propped up by some books and the feed starts with Saori at her hotel room's desk. If anyone could read upside down, they'd notice the desk was littered with Japanese-to-English translation notes with a large old book. Saori looks at the phone, making sure it's recording.]

Hey, um, guys? I don't know if it's just me but it feels like someone's watching us. More so than usual. Maybe it's just my imagination. 

Anyways, the real reason why I'm recording this. Would it be alright if we combined all the winter holidays including New Year's into one party? I noticed the full moon is coming up and honestly a party afterwards sounds better. Of course, everyone is welcome to do your gift exchanges at your own pace.

[There's suddenly scratching coming from her door. She sits up and reaches off screen for a small knife.  The scratching continues as she gets closer and looks into the peep hole. Quietly, she opens the door but just a crack and then looks down.]

Sirius...oh geeze, don't scare me like that. Wait, what's that you got there?

[The Australian Shepherd walked in but there was something in his mouth. Saori goes on her knees to takes it and she gasps. She suddenly rushes to grab a towel to put down on the desk. It's very small with black matted fur and sure enough it turns out to be a kitten. ]

My word...Sorry I'll get back to you as soon as can.

[She reaches to turn off the phone.]
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*If you are for any reason in the grocery store nearest to the hotel, you hear a massive crash. Very like a depowered but still very strong individual just knocked over the baking aisle. No, I don't mean stole stuff, she actually knocked over a shelf. As she makes a move to outrun angry store associates, the tumbling mess blocks the aisle, filling it with boxes of cake mix, containers of frosting, and instant potato dinners to wade through.*

[text, a few minutes later]

She's watching me.
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[ This new arrival does not use the communication device immediately after awaking on this Island. No, instead chaos decides to walk around and explore his surrounding, slowly. After all, for all intent and purpose he shouldn't have a body any more. There is no doubt in his mind, this is Lost Jerusalem- Yet at the same time it obviously cannot be his Lost Jerusalem.

That and there are more worries on his mind at the moment, but he is quite good at hiding them.

After a while walking through the city and seeing the different locations, he finally settles down on a bench, silently with his communication device in hands. He doesn't use it for now, just relaxing and thinking to the situation. ]


[ It's only after an hour or so that he finally decides on turning on the communication device. It's only the voice feed however, no video. ]


[ The voice voice is calm and controlled and slow as he speaks. ]

I very recently arrived here- I assume these kind of messages to be quite frequent, but could anyone please tell me what is the purpose of our presence here? Thank you.


Dec. 7th, 2012 09:19 pm
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[There's a brand-new face on the network tonight. There is a young boy who can't possibly be more than 10 years old. Yes, his PB looks a little older than that, bear with me here. He smiles into the camera cutely, radiating that special little boy charm.]

Uh... hi! I was traveling to another world, but something went wrong and now I'm here. I'm also human when normally I'm a round puffy thing called a Puffski. Um... can someone tell me about where I ended up? And why I became a human? It's kind of neat, though. Now that I have fingers, I can actually use this cell phone! [He waggles his fingers in front of the camera.] See? It's cool!

Anyway, my name is Fattycakes. But that's kind of a weird name for a human, isn't it? So if you're not comfortable calling me that, you can call me... Billy! Yeah, Billy! That sounds good. So, please tell me about this place and what there is to do here! I can wait to go home for a bit if there's a new place to explore.


Dec. 4th, 2012 09:00 pm
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[After her failed attempt at Shadow hunting with Allen, and her very short conversation with her brother, Shion had totally avoided anyone attempting to see or speak to her for a few days. But now, her face pops up on the network, with the late afternoon sky as a backdrop.]

Is there a good place to purchase a weapon?


Dec. 4th, 2012 06:53 pm
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It's April's birthday tomorrow.

Would you wish her a happy birthday when she inevitably finds this and gets angry with me for mentioning it?
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*You may have noticed a drought of Weird Things Happening In Town as of late... well, aside from the Shadows, they've all been right on schedule. However, if you were missing the hotel being toilet papered or the streets being covered in rainbows, never fear. Through the streets of Prospero, you may hear something.

And then see something.

"Something", in this case, being a Pop-Tart cat robot the size of a semi, with long rainbow flags trailing behind it, clunking and rolling down the streets blasting the song. The cat head is transparent enough to allow one April Sinclair and the usual suspect, Mila, to be seen directing the thing with a control panel and laughing at passersby's reactions.

React here and/or post calling them -- does Prospero even have laws about driving while on your cell phone?*
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 [The Dark Hour was almost ending and Saori was out for some fighting against Shadows. While having her actual powers back was nice, she didn't want to fully rely on them. Ever since this event started, she couldn't help but have a nagging feeling about it. To suddenly regain powers they were denied before just seemed so fishy. ]

That should be the last of them. Oh, to all the new people who have arrived here: I'm Saori and I run the Elysium tea house. If you need a job for some cash, I'm always hiring. And we do have a special base of sorts upstairs of my store. We use it to plan out sessions to explore Caliban, this area that only appears during the Dark Hour, and also to camp out before the Dark Hour.

[While Saori was finishing up one of the last shadows, the video feed managed to pick up a tall silhouette of a man looking at her. Spoiler alert: It was David Xanatos. Suddenly there's a cloud of smoke.  When it disappears, Saori's there but she's looking younger. As in she's the eight year old equivalent of her.]

Son of a --you got to be kidding me!

[And you know what they say about Murphy's law? Yep. The smoke gathers together and suddenly forms into a rather pissed off wolf that starts chasing her. Naturally Saori breaks off into a run, using her parkour/free-running skills but since the wolf is made of magic, it won't tire so easily. Her own persona, Brigid, aims some agi spells but it's still going.]

I could use some help here! Anyone got  wind or water magic?!
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[It begins with quiet, thoughtful sounds, a little distant from the convenient little communications device.]

I see.

[Just as thoughtful as those pondering sounds just a moment ago, a bit closer and more clear.]

This is a rather interesting device.

[Jin's voice is calm, almost inviting. He seems entirely unconcerned about the situation, which, maybe he is. Or maybe he's just knows how to keep a straight face.]

I'm sure you hear this quite often, but I'm rather interested in this new land, Prospero. Would you mind telling me a little more about it?

[While he spends a little time information gathering outside.]

Whatever you have is appreciated.
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[Pellegri has been alive for almost exactly three hours, and she still isn't sure how she feels about it. She knows she died at some point. There was an instant of pain, and then peace. In the UMN, there was just the feeling of being whole, and nothing. But her consciousness was ripped away, and now once again, she lives.

Earlier, she had made her way to the harbor, as it had been some time since she had been near the ocean like this. Not since she was a very different person. But watching the water is still calming in a way, even though the memories attached to it are bittersweet. As she watches the sky above the sea fade from oranges and pinks to black, she dwells on why it is that she's alive again. And what her purpose might be.

That's not all though! Anyone looking closely will notice that in her hand is the rather primitive phone she had found earlier. She was surprised to find a couple names she recognized, and now it is Margulis's name that appears on the screen, since she still hasn't settled on whether or not to contact him.]


Nov. 24th, 2012 07:50 pm
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The warm feeling is gone.

I kind of miss it now.

(If you see Kaoru anywhere, she's surrounded by a black-red aura that basically says "evil" to anyone in range. She doesn't really seem to notice.)


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