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[Video] Announcement!

[Billy stares at the camera for just a moment, making sure it's on before beginning.]

Heehee! That was funny! Everyone was around my height for a little while! But that's not what I'm here to talk about today. No, it's something much more important...

February 14th is my Buuday- er, birthday, everybody! Actually, it's the day I met my best friend, since I don't know when Mama made me. Yes, it's Valentine's Day, too, or at least it is in my friend's world! I don't know how to throw a party, so I need your help to help me get one together so we can celebrate. Or if you're just throwing a normal Valentine's Day party, can I come and celebrate my birthday there?

Let me know! Thanks, everybody!
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Your birthday is on Valentine's Day? Oh, I'd be happy to help out! I was going to plan on doing a general Valentine's day party but we should make it extra special since it's your birthday.
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Aww, thank you, Billy! I couldn't take all the credit though. Beatrice helped me a lot too.

Just wait and see, I'll pull off something really good. Do you have a favorite cake flavor?
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latest of late posts.. [VIDEO].

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I know not of this Valentine's Day of which you speak, but parties, I do know. 'tis simple. Good food, good music, and good-

[Wait no this guy's pretty young don't make that joke.]