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Cure 02: The Crybaby Toddler appears [video]


[Little Yayoi is hiding under her bedsheets but pokes her head out a few seconds later.]

H-hello? Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?? This isn't home...

[She tries hard not to cry but starts bawling.]

I don't wanna be alone!
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*Kaoru hasn't de-aged at all, since I'm not sure she could. She stares at bb!Yayoi.*

Stop that.
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...*She frowns.* Why are you scared?
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Prospero. ...Tell me what kind of room you're in and what the number says.
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[Ein, savior of small children that he is definitely not, has to act here!]

Whoa, calm down! You're not alone!
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Of course not! If you need anything, anything at all just tell me and I'll help you out.