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It seems that my absence was poorly timed. And yet I can't help but wonder why it is that we're brought into this place or why some of us manage to disappear while the rest continue searching for answers or for a way back to their countries, and yet they remain. Would any of you be willing to discuss these matters at length? I realize that, especially for those who have newly arrived, the situation can be disorienting, but perhaps if we all came together and shared our experiences with this place, it might be possible to draw some conclusions.

I realize that not everyone here prefers to work as part of a team, but I sincerely believe that to make any progress at all, it will require the cooperation of each and every one of us.

[With classes over for the summer, Natalia's out practicing well into the morning, making use of the fields to practice with a bow. (Perhaps she shouldn't be here at all, but she doesn't see why anyone should mind. She isn't hurting anything.) She sets an arrow, pulls the string back tight, and lets it fly. Sometimes her arrows hit the target, and sometimes they fall short or soar past. She only has about two dozen to work with, and so after she has depleted her quiver, Natalia walks across the lawn to gather them together again before repeating the process.]
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[Natalia stretches out an arm, her fingers just inches away from reaching an item on the uppermost shelf of the grocery store. She's already on tiptoes - not on the floor, but balancing haphazardly on a lower level.]

Honestly! If they're going to insist on filling such tall shelves, one would think that the store could at least have the courtesy of providing a ladder!

[She doesn't seem to have had too much trouble, however. Across the aisle there's a very generous pile of bags and boxes which seem to have originated from all over town.]

[Natalia lets out a sigh before reaching for her cellphone.]


This is entirely unacceptable! Would one of you please tell me how I might propose--ahh!

[Following this is a loud clatter.]
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[Natalia stifles a yawn, standing in the hotel lobby in nothing but her nightgown. It is modest enough, but she probably should have known better. It's maybe 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. She keeps her voice restrained, quiet.]

Could anyone explain to me what the purpose of the lighted boxes are? One of them appears to have food of a sort inside and the other...

[She trails off as she leans forward to get a better look at the contents.]

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with these. Are they beverages? They certainly have unusual names. Cielo Mist, Mad Bull, SoBay... Is there... is there a difference?
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[Hello, Prospero. Have a cheerful blonde princess who looks to be in the highest of spirits. She's wearing a frilly pink dress that only barely brushes her knees and her hair's held back with a matching ribbon. She also has a wicker basket in her lap.]

Luke~! It's been such a long time since the two of us have been able to sit down and share a moment alone, especially considering all that has happened lately, and so I was thinking that perhaps we could visit the park and have a picnic lunch together. [Nevermind that this is still winter. What are minor details when you're in love?]

You needn't worry about bringing anything. I'm confident that my cooking skills have improved greatly. Won't you come, please?

[She finally seems to sober from her happy daze and remembers that she wanted to address the others and not just Luke.]

Oh, and everyone? I wanted to thank you all for your hospitality and for assisting me when I first arrived here. I do appreciate it. And because it seems I've gotten a bit too industrious with my baking, will you not help yourself to some sweets? You may have as many as you like. Feel free to share them with your friends and loved ones as well.

[She turns the cellphone towards several plates of cookies and other sweets. Some of them are a bit rough-looking, but others appear to have been made with the utmost care. They look good, right? Or at least edible. Just be careful if you stop by. Some of them have an ominous scent wafting from them, some are rock hard, and all of them are bad! Some are overly floury or chewy, while others taste like a burned mixture of opposing flavors. And some... yes, some will make you ill.]
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[It has taken Natalia approximately twenty minutes to confirm that she has, after all, been left behind. "Separated" is perhaps a little easier to accept, what with the foreign city she has unexpectedly found herself in - this one inhabited, not merely ruins. The temperature has also plummeted from uncomfortably hot and dry to cold and blustery. (Winter in the Zao Desert?)]

[She stands in the shadow of a building, out of the wind, trying to work the strange fonmachine (or whatever it might be, Guy isn't around to ask) into submission. If one of the others dropped it, perhaps she can figure out where they might have disappeared to. If the Six God-Generals lost it, then perhaps it will reveal to her why Fon Master Ion has been kidnapped and where their closest stronghold might be. Where to go.]

[The results of this struggle are what finally come across the network.]
Beep! Beep! Bnnn...! BEEEEP!!

Oh, honestly! If you're going to be this difficult, at the very least you might-- [There's a muffled sound. A sneeze.]


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