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[Hiyono appears to be outside of the hotel, a faint smile on her face as she waves at the camera – well, as much as one can wave with a handgun.]

If you haven’t heard the news, it sounds like we have some… special Shadows on the loose. I have the ability to analyze Shadows with my Persona, so I’ll be out trying to identify as many as I can. If someone could come with me, that would be-

Hey, you.

[The instant she hears that voice, her eyes widen and she looks up from the camera.] …Narumi? What… are you doing here?

I could ask you the same question. [The voice is casual – almost annoyed. As if he was only slightly frustrated to find himself in a completely new world all of a sudden. Hiyono's expression softens into a knowing smile at the sight of it.]

…It’s complicated. I’d explain it to you now, but it might take a while.

Well, it’s not like we don’t have time for that. And while you’re at it…

You can explain how you’re a traitor, too.

[At this point, her hand suddenly drops. People who are sharp-sighted may catch a fleeting image of a young man standing nearby, one hand in his pocket, before the view settles on a beautiful shot of the hotel doorway behind her.]

…Wh-what do you mean?

There’s no point in hiding it. You think I wouldn’t figure it out? [Footsteps. He’s coming closer.] You were never on my side from the start. You’re just another one of my brother’s pawns, aren’t you? All of us had been thinking that you were uninvolved, but all this time… You were just another piece my brother had prepared for the board. [The footsteps stop here, and there is a rustle of clothing followed by a small click. Hiyono isn’t the only one armed.] You were only pretending to support me.

…Is that the conclusion you have come to? [Her own voice is uncharacteristically serious. Quiet.]

That’s the truth.

[There’s silence, and then… A small chuckle from Hiyono. It’s not a happy one. More a sound of resigned acceptance than anything else.] Then I have one more question: do you hate me?

More than anything else in the world.

[With a quick tap, Hiyono ends the call. However, anyone at or near the hotel will hear the sound of a single gunshot. And if they care to venture outside to see the result…

The one left standing is the girl with twin braids, gazing silently at the disappating Shadow in front of her.
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[Around Prospero]

[Characters may find themselves encountering some very put upon students handing out what appear to be the school newspaper. They seem to be more than just a little eager to give the things out, and may even mention something along the lines of "If I don't do this, she'll come after me."

As for the paper itself...

There is a beautiful image here. )

The front page is in full color, and features stories on people the network may find... familiar. If not, the other pages are full of embarrassing stories about other students and residents of Prospero, many of them revealing uncomfortable secrets that can't have been discovered through any ethical means.


[As for the writer of these sordid tales, she can be found in the newspaper club room and, later, the dorms. Of course, that's not to stop anyone from dialing up her number about the paper; there is only one member of the newspaper club, so it's not difficult at all to guess who's behind the entire thing.]
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[And suddenly, there was a girl in the city. The normal folks pass by without noticing, but it's possibly your character may spot her - even if she's not wearing her usual smile, she's got her trademark braids.

Speaking of the missing smile, what's gone and replaced it is... not a pleasant expression. It's a delicate mix of horror and sorrow and anxiousness, with a dash of surprise thrown in for good measure. She clearly wasn't expecting to be here again, and it's going to take her a moment to make the adjustment.

So naturally, now would be the best time to bug her.

[Video; later]

So I know I'm totally irreplaceable, but would it really kill this place to stop dragging me over at the worst times? Really, talk about rude! A lady like me deserves to be treated with more respect!

Ugh... Well, anyway, it looks like I've missed a couple of days here. Did anything happen while I was out? And also, do I happen to still have a job?
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Has everyone received a card? I must say, I didn't expect such a rare gift. Did you know? I don't think a deck like this actually exists outside of the cards we have managed to collect among us!

[It's a bold statement, but after some time searching through the Internet and asking around on forums, she's fairly confident in her theory.

At any rate, she pulls out a deck of slightly similar cards, showing the card on the bottom of the stack (The Fool) before beginning to shuffle them.

It's not the same deck at all, but I thought it might be fun to try my hand at some predictions. My dreams have been strange lately, so it must be some kind of a sign!

Ah... but not everyone is familiar with it here, are they? For those of you who don't know, tarot cards like these were originally used for card games, but more recently they've become popular for reading the future. It's one of the more well-known methods of divination.

[The shuffling stops.]

So, are any of you willing to give it a try? I'm no expert, so I'll just be doing a three card spread. It would be nice if it told us a little about the future to come, right?
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[The scenes aren’t prefaced by any form of communication. They simply start, like an unbidden play.

The first is of a gruesome murder and a game of cards.

The second is of an admittance to guilt, a voluntary hostage, and a challenge to a game of wits.

The final is of a girl, a murderer, and a discussion of faith over rapidly pooling blood.

Once the scenes have faded, Hiyono goes ahead and follows up with a broadcast of her own.

Well, I suppose it was too easy of a solution after all. Leave it to this place to show off your past whether you want it to or not.

[A sigh. How troublesome.]

But really, what’s with those videos? Of all the times they could have picked, did they really have to go with the most gruesome ones? Why couldn’t it be the locked door mystery? Or the mystery of the girl who fell from the balcony? These ones are just going to give everybody the wrong idea, I just know it!

[Not… that those particular mysteries were really that less gruesome, but you know.]

((OOC: Obligatory warning for blood in both the first and third scenes.))
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Who: Anybody looking to enjoy the 4th of July festivities!
What: Hotdogs, hamburgers, and fireworks!
Where: Prospero Beach
When: The 4th of July

[Text to all]

It arrives early in the day, sent anonymously but still easily traceable to one Hiyono Yuizaki if your character is the type who is not only able but curious enough to try:

Prospero beach.

And for those who check it out... )


Jun. 29th, 2012 12:30 pm
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I'd like for everyone to report their abilities so that I can document what we're capable of. When people need healing, it would be much easier for everyone to know who they can contact for healing; teachers for the use of weapons; those who possess shelter for when shelter is required. I believe this was attempted before, but it was never made into a document to be distributed, and our numbers have changed significantly since.

Specifically, I'm looking for:

Persona abilities - relative strength, elements usable, healing abilities, the ability to sense Shadows, and ways of affecting enemy Shadows or allies that do not fall under these categories.

Other abilities - anything. Whether you are trained in years of swordfighting or if your strengths are in singing, gardening, or possessing a lot of money and a house, anything can be useful in the right circumstances.

Thank you for your time.
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Ah, I don't know what I'm doing...and I don't remember the ascent being that difficult last time.

[Diarmuid spoke more to himself than the network at first, turning on his phone one morning (for Prospero, at least--it was already afternoon where he was) to show a verdant landscape, Diarmuid himself on the low southern side of a mountain.]

I finally found it. It's taken me the better part of a day, but I found it. [The view shifted slightly as Diarmuid sat down on the grass, tired but smiling all the same.]

But I don't understand why I sought it out. Who in their right mind would look for the exact spot where their life ended? [He placed the phone beside him and laid back with his arms folded behind his head.] Maybe I...just needed to shift things to a different perspective.

I have lived but twenty-six years and yet I have seen changing eras in a way no mortal ever could. It is exhausting to consider that although this country is still home as no other ever could be, all things tangible that connected me to it are now long dead, gone, and faded away. All that remains is this one place where my blood once stained the ground.

Listen when I say that I have been in Prospero since the beginning. Or at least, since the earliest date anyone can recount spending here. Of those I met in that first Dark Hour, to my knowledge few if any remain now. One, maybe two others? But Princess Serenade, Kaito, Ainosuke, Haruhi...they are as unreachable now as the rest of the Fianna I parted with upon this mountain.

But that is alright. Even if all those I care for should vanish, they will remain as dear to my heart as Oisin and Oscar as well as all of the others. And for all those that disappear, others will arrive--not to take their place, but to offer a measure of friendship and comfort in such troubled times. So it is alright. No matter how it aches, how it feels as though someone has reached into your chest and crushed your living heart...you are not alone. None of us are.

Please don't give up. I've seen what happens when people do.

[Diarmuid took a deep breath and closed his eyes, sighing quietly. Moving to shut the phone off, his thoughts being a thousand miles away distracted him enough to switch it to audio instead.]

It's been so long...but I'm home, Father. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. But you don't have to worry. I don't need you to get me out of trouble anymore. I can take care of myself...and all of them, if they wish it of me. So please, just allow me the strength to be as caring for them as you once were to me.
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*Gone. Gone. Gone. The names just kept piling up. The contact list kept thinning out. People Kaoru didn't know. People she did know. People, as much as she hated to admit it, that she liked and wanted to keep.


Why? This was stupid. It was...*


It might be our captors. It might be their enemies. Somebody is thinning out our numbers by sending people back where they came from. Probably because killing us doesn't work.

Whoever is behind this, know that your actions are as pointless as your very existence.


*Kaoru's sitting in her room, being... a little more depressed than lineface? It's hard to tell. She'll take visitors and calls if people want.*
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[A. Action - High School]

[Today, you'll find Hiro working dilgently in the library! It looked like he's working on a report or something really important. But if you look closer, you'll notice that he's just making some sketches of random demons he's seen before. For more video savvy folks, you'll be able to see his sketches in all of their childish looking glory. His phone is off to the side and it's already on, but Hiro is SO deep in thought that he doesn't even realize it. Herpaderp!]

Now that I think about it... The smaller and low level demons are a lot easier to draw. [And cue a spin from his pencil.] Geez... When you become more of a top class tamer, you start to miss the weaker ones.

... There's no way to summon them here anymore, though. [There's a somber sigh on his end. He really misses those guys, but it is what it is. If you're overhearing any of this, it would sound like crazy talk. Then he'll tap his pencil abruptly.]

... Ah, I should really spread the word about that. We've still got a week before hitting the shores!

[B. Action - Felix's Finds]

[Currently, there's a familiar bunny eared protagonist who is doing some shopping for weapons. It's totally okay for youngers to be looking at sharp objects nowadays, right? Hiro is stroking his chin as if he's in a museum. He looks a bit troubled...]

Hmm... I'm gonna need a trademark weapon from here on out. Random pipes laying around can only work for so long. [He'll stand to look at himself in a mirror as he does some action poses. A pose as if he's holding a sword. Another pose as if he's holding a spear. Then another pose like he's holding a gun.] --Bang!

Okay. Let's see... Would a long ranged weapon suit me? Or maybe I could stick with close range... Getting up close and personal is more fun sometimes. Heroes in RPGs usually start off lucky with just conviently having a weapon in their hands...

... [THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, MMMKAY.] I might need an outsider's opinion on this.


May. 10th, 2012 09:22 pm
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[action; 3:00 PM]

[With no why or how he got here and the last thing he remembered a bit fuzzy, Yosuke had stumbled around asking random passerby for information. Did it help? Not in the least. In fact, it only made him even more confused. But, that's why he just put on that fake smile of his and went along being his obnoxious self to only further hide his nervousness. After moving from place to place for a good while, some time in the afternoon you'll find the teen sitting down against one of the hotel's walls. He has his knees bent and pressed to his chest rather lazily, his hands behind his head, and his eyes closed.]

Man... just where the hell am I?

[video/audio; 7:00 PM]

[Some later time, at night, the loud sound of a trash can rolling to and fro can be heard in Prospero's evening glow. The person inside of the trash can? One Yosuke Hanamura. At first, he had just been spacing out and trying to run back to the hotel. Somewhere between a turn and a skip, he collided with and subsequently got stuck inside of a trash can. A lucky (?) turn of events, however, was that his device had been knocked from his pocket and now lays there on the ground getting a good amount of video for the rest of Prospero to see. Loud yells, which can at times be made out as 'Help!' and 'I'm stuck!' strike the audio feature of the device, albeit muffled by the trash can. C'mon, Prospero. Help a dork out.]

[action; 12:00 AM]

[Why yes, that is in fact Yosuke Hanamura running through the streets of Prospero with what can only be described as a face of utter horror. What had started out as basic curiosity toward the coffins standing up around Prospero has now turned into a full out chase by two low level Shadows. Are there tears from Yosuke's eyes? Yup. Two, one in each eye in fact. With no idea what is going on, and feeling like he's running for his very life, Yosuke lets out a scream that could damn well be heard by the majority of Prosero.]

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[Action; High School]

[There's some interesting rumors spreading today. It's quiet, but general murmurings seem to indicate that there's a new club at the school, and an odd one at that. It has a small room to itself despite having only a single member, and the student council is said to want nothing to do with it.

Should your character follow these rumors to the fated room (or even stumble upon it by chance), they'll find a door innocently labeled "Newspaper Club". Even though the door is closed, the faint sound of computer keys can be heard from within.


[Video; Evening]

[There's a new face on the feed! Well, new if you haven't run into her around town, at least. She's got a confident smile on her face as she begins.]

Hello there! I'm another newcomer, Hiyono Yuizaki. It's been about a week, but I'm still getting adjusted to this place. So I thought to myself: I should use this network to ask around!

Based on what I learned, I was able to obtain my Persona. Unfortunately, much like me, she isn't very suited for combat. Right now I am capable of using her to get data on the Shadows around me, but other than that she has no offensive abilities. Since I don't have any fighting experience either, we were forced to flee instead. Which brings me to my first question:

I know where I can get a weapon, but what would people recommend? I was thinking a gun or some other long-ranged weapon would be best, but as I said earlier, I don't have any experience in fighting. I would like to keep the enemy at a distance, but to do that I would need training. Is there anyone who could help me with this?

Also, if anyone needs the aid of a Persona with the "Analysis" ability, I would be happy to lend a hand. I might not be much of a combatant right now, but I'm certain I can be useful in pointing out strengths and weaknesses on the fly.

((OOC: Hiyono will probably start looking into student files soon. If you don't want her to know your character's record (name/age/year/residence, basically), just let me know through a PM or even a minor OOC note here. If I don't hear any word either way, I'll ask before I bring anything up in other threads. Thanks ♥))
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[Sup, Prospero. It looks like you have another newcomer, because there's going to be a pair of curious blue eyes showing up on the feed. Eventually it pulls away to reveal a well-built young man who seems both confused and fascinated by the phone he's just gotten. He doesn't seem to realize everyone can see him...]

Huh. I've never seen technology like this before...looks kind of like a communicator, but...

[He trails off, and he frowns and shakes his head as though to clear it of these thoughts.] What? No, I can't think about that! I don't even know where I am! I've never seen people like the ones here before, either...am I still even on Third Earth?

[He runs a hand down his arm, apparently unused to the fact that it's completely bare.] And how did I lose most of my fur, anyway...?
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*It's the middle of the night, a good bit after Dark Hour, but Allen isn't asleep. His phone is recording him sitting at his desk, the glow of both his heavily modified desktop computer and a futuristic holographic screen providing most of the lighting. But even in the low light, it's easy to tell that something's eating at him.*

What the hell did I even mention that out loud for? As if the dreams weren't bad enough already...it's almost like I wasn't even thinking before I spoke up.

*He shakes his head and shuts down the holoscreen before grabbing a pot of coffee off of his desk and topping off a mug of the stuff.*

But why that, of all things? Dammit, this is just what I need...

*He rubs his forehead, then starts emptying packets of sugar into the coffee as the phone flicks off.*


Apr. 30th, 2012 12:57 am
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[The audio of the phone turns on, and it picks up a slightly muffled argument. Naoya seems to be having a quite vehement disagreement with someone.]

- fair at all! Genesis 38:7.

[There's the sound of pages flipping for a moment.]

'… Er?'

Yes. He was killed for no reason. It doesn't say anything about why he was killed at all.

'He must have had a reason!'

He is cruel and a tyrant. You need to realize this.

'I don't believe you.'

It's in your own book! Exodus 11:2. Leviticus 5:17. Deuteronomy 7:10. The entirety of the book of Job. Ezekiel 18. Shall I start on the New Testament?

[The woman he's arguing with just seems to be getting more and more frustrated.]

'But He loves us! You need to accept His love!'

[… Naoya goes quiet for a long moment before starting to shout at the woman.]

"Love"?! Where was His love when I made a mistake and did something I didn't understand the consequences of?! Where was His love when he cursed me?! Where was His love when I went through so much suffering over and over at His hands, being placed in the worst situations because of what He did?! I refuse to crawl back to Him, and He is going to die for all He has done - not just to me, but to humanity as a whole!

'… You can't kill God!'

Oh, but you can! Now leave, before I kill you!

[That seems to do the trick, because the woman runs. It's quiet for a long moment, before Naoya starts to laugh.]

Once I return… once I return, the war will begin.

[He keeps laughing for a while, and eventually the phone shuts off.]
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[All over Prospero for the next couple of days, though primarily near the courthouse, Prosecutor's Office, and Bay View Hotel, you may encounter Miles Edgeworth looking amiss in a couple of ways.

First off, he's not wearing his usual suit. Instead, he's wearing a stiff (and lightly armored) burgundy trenchcoat over a dark grey bulletproof vest that fully covers his torso, shoulders, and neck (though the latter is less obvious since his cravat's tied around it), which in turn is over a plain white shirt. Plain burgundy pants and heavy-duty dark grey knee pads (and matching elbow pads, to judge by the way the coat is hanging) complete the ensemble.

Second, he's clearly extraordinarily fatigued, yawning with bags under his eyes and sluggish in his movements... if he hasn't already fainted, or isn't collapsing before your very eyes. There's likely a paper or styrofoam cup full of tea involved, whether he's awake and holding it in his hand or asleep and its contents have spilled nearby.

Miles Edgeworth may not be under the Devil Arcana's direct influence yet, but being one of the few sane people left on the island is taking its toll nonetheless.]

[[OOC: This post is the fun-for-all-ages stage of things! The scary parts come later.]]
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[One moment she was wearing a (admittedly silly) pair of cat ears while shooting a tranquilizer at a Blade Child. The next, she was somewhere else completely.

Hiyono can't help but be surprised. The switch seemed almost instantaneous; the school setting changed to a cityscape, and one with a strange green sky to boot. It was all so impossible, she seriously wondered if she hadn't fallen asleep on her feet and started dreaming.

Still, she keeps her guard up, gripping the tranquilizer gun in her hands like it was her last lifeline. And in her condition, it really could be. She is only too aware of how weak her body is, having lost so much blood so recently. The wound may have been treated, but she would need a blood transfusion if she wanted to recover anytime soon. Even now, she couldn't help but lean heavily against a nearby wall for support, her legs wobbling beneath her.

It's as she is slowly making her way forward when she first sees it. A shadowy blob, approaching her menacingly. Her mind racing, she gives a short scream as she points her gun at it.


[The airgun is fired, producing a relatively slight sound. Although the shadow takes the hit, it continues sluggishly towards her. It doesn't take a genius to realize she probably can't take this thing down on her own- whatever it is.]

H-help! Someone, help!


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